JOIN JACK to Bring REAL CONSERVATIVE Leadership to Rural Arizona!

    Why I’m Running for Congress


    Like you, I live and work in rural Arizona and have deep roots here. I was elected to serve on the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors in 2012. In 2019, I was appointed by President Trump to serve as the USDA State Director of Rural Development in Arizona. I’m running for Congress because, more than ever, we need a REAL CONSERVATIVE for rural Arizona. We need a conservative who understands rural Arizona and is willing to fight for rural Arizona. We don’t have that right now. Our current Congressman lives in a wealthy suburb of Tucson. As your Congressman, I will always be available to you and your family. I believe the best way to represent rural Arizona is to work together with my fellow rural Arizonans like you to ensure our voice is heard in Congress.

    We can change that in the upcoming Republican primary election! But before I ask you for your vote, I want to tell you where I stand.

    • I will be unrelenting in the fight to secure our border and stop the shameful invasion of our homeland by illegal immigrants.
    • I will fight tirelessly to ensure our elections are safe and secure. There can be NO EXCUSES for a lack of election integrity.
    • I will take on all comers in the fight to end government mandated wokeness that has infected our schools and all levels of government.
    • I will never stop fighting to reduce the size, the cost, and overreach of the ever-expanding monolith that is our federal government.
    • I will never back down from defending our constitutional rights from those on the left who want to take them away from you.
    • As a veteran and a patriot, I will always stand up for our military and our veterans.

    The future of our country is at stake and this election will be one of the most important in our lifetime. I am proud to say that I AM A CONSERVATIVE WHO WILL ALWAYS FIGHT FOR OUR SHARED CONSERVATIVE VALUES! That’s who I am. You have a choice in the upcoming Republican primary for Congress. If you want a REAL CONSERVATIVE who knows rural Arizona, lives in rural Arizona, and WILL ALWAYS FIGHT FOR RURAL ARIZONA, then I would like to ask you for your vote in the upcoming Republican primary for Congress.

    –Jack Smith